Farmsteads are groups of agricultural buildings around a family home, surrounded by cultivated land.



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More than half of the world's population now lives in towns and cities. Large cities are becoming even more crowded.

Human settlements

People live in different types of settlements. As the population grows, the range of services available for the residents widens as well.

Open-air ethnographic museum

An open-air museum is like living history itself.


Small towns do not get overcrowded like big cities, but they provide a wider range of services than villages.

Világörökségünk része: Hollókő

A 300 lelket számláló palóc falu a hagyományőrzés mintapéldája, amely 1987 óta az épített világörökség része.


Villages are settlements with a small population, usually situated near towns. Their economic activity is less bustling compared to that of towns.


Villages are localities with relatively small populations and only local administrative powers.

What makes a locality a town?

A town provides services that do not only meet the needs of its own population. Its scope of duties goes beyond its borders.

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