Garlic mustard

Garlic mustard

A plant species widespread in Europe and North America. It is rather invasive in places where it was introduced, such as the US.




garlic mustard, dicotyledon, Brassicales, kétnyári, silique, becő, fűszernövény, herb, forest, plant, angiosperm, biology

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herbaceous plant, fully or partly shaded places, moist soil, 20-100 cm, lower leaves, stem leaves, garlicky smell, blooms from April to June, flowers with four petals, biotic pollination or self-pollination, 1-2 mm, 3,5-7 cm, blackish- brown seeds, silique with two compartments, thousands of seeds, fertile for up to 5 years, provitamin A, vitamin C, used as a spice, to treat respiratory conditions , on wounds as a poultice, to make mouthwash
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