The path of bauxite

The path of bauxite

Bauxite is a raw material in aluminium production. Watch this video to learn how the well-known silver-tone metal is produced from the red rock.




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bauxite is a sedimentary rock, colour: brick red, contains: aluminium minerals, diaspore, haematite, goethite, quartz, main components in bauxite, pisoids, inclusions, raw material in aluminium, bauxite, lateritic bauxite, karst bauxite, lateritic bauxite forms in the tropics, rock base, ℃, Precipitation, Silica, SiO2, Weathering of the soil, Seepage, FeO2, AlO2, ore content, re-accumulated, Forms in tropical and subtropical regions, Sediment is transported, Net of cracks in limestone, FeO3, AlO3 seepage, Flooded by the page, Sedimentation, Explotiation:, underground mining, surface mining, alumina, an in-between product in aluminium production, aluminium, thermal power plant, aluminium in machine production, aluminium in food industry
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