What is metabolism?

In the body, substances are continiuously absorbed and released.

The birth of mountains

In this lesson, you will learn how mountains are formed.

The material and energy flow of households

Apartments are like living organisms, there is a constant exchange of energy and materials between apartments and the environment.

Decrease the amount of waste

Humans produce an increasing amount of waste. A change in our lifestyle could significantly reduce the production of household waste.

From root to leaf

Let's follow the path of water in plants from the roots to the leaves

Let's measure things

Playful tasks for practising measurements, quantities and units of measurements.

The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian empire was led by pharaohs, considered sons of the Sun god.

Why are there deserts and ice sheets on Earth?

This lesson explains the reasons and consequences of the formation of climatic zones.

Is glass a liquid or a solid?

A lesson about the special properties of glass, the process of glassmaking and the various types of glass.

User manual

A guide about the meaning of icons found in digital lessons and the possibilities of using them.

Why do we cry when chopping onions?

A lesson about the anatomy and development of onions.

The invisible killers, or What can we do against carbon oxides?

In this lesson, you can learn about carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

A Journey to the Centre of Earth

This lesson presents the internal structure of Earth, the geospheres and their general properties.

Water below the surface of Earth

A lesson about the various types of underground waters and their properties.

The Age of Discovery

Let's get on board with legendary navigators!

Ancient Egyptian deities

Dive into the mysterious world of Ancient Egyptian religion.

Ancient Egyptian pyramids

Pyramids are the best known Ancient Egyptian structures.

Is climate permanent or changing?

This digital lesson is about climate and factors that can modify the climate.

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