Is climate permanent or changing?

This digital lesson is about climate and factors that can modify the climate.

Can chickens fly?

A lesson about the anatomy and lifestyle of chickens.

A glance into space

A lesson about the structure of the Universe and the Solar System.

Geothermal energy

Where does the energy of Earth come from and how can we use it?

The one who came, saw and conquered: Julius Caesar

A lesson about the personality and legacy of Julius Caesar.

Do you feel good in your skin?

A lesson about the functioning and health of the human skin.

What kind of fruit is peach?

A lesson about peach trees and fruits, with a dessert at the end.

How's the weather?

Learn about the concepts of wind and precipitation.

Why is weather capricious?

In this lesson, you will learn about the weather and its elements.

How can we group chemical reactions?

The experiments in this lesson will introduce you to the various types of chemical reactions.

Deep in the Jungle

In this lesson you will find out where tropical rainforests are located on Earth and learn about their fauna and flora.

A Journey to the Centre of Earth

This lesson presents the internal structure of Earth, the geospheres and their general properties.

What did people think about the atom in the past and what do we know now?

This lesson presents the structure of the atom through the history of atomic models.

Movement is life

A lesson about the human locomotor system and its health.

What can the Sun's rays be used for?

This lesson presents how solar energy can be utilised.

Do storks really deliver babies?

This lesson presents everything related to human reproduction.

Do plants move?

Plants also move. Although they do not have muscles, they can change the position of their organs.

Are there mutants among us?

This lesson presents mutation types, their frequency and underlying causes.

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