How is the human body built up?

Learn how the human body is built up and about the differences between men and women.

Do reptiles ever get cold?

This lesson presents interesting facts about reptiles and their life.

The companion of Earth

This lesson explains the phases, the internal structure and surface of the Moon, as well as its effects on the Earth.

Let's play with fire

In this lesson, we will perform fire-related experiments.

Do we become what we eat?

The lesson presents the components of a healthy diet.

How to put out a fire?

In this lesson you will familiarise yourselves with the basics of firefighting.

Join the caravan!

This lesson presents deserts and their flora and fauna.

The physics of submarines

This lesson presents the concepts of density and buoyancy through the operation of the submarine.

The structure of atoms

The lesson introduces you to the components of an atom.

How does soil form?

This lesson presents soil formation, the components of soil, and soil protection.

Is water essential for life?

Water is one of the most important substances on Earth. Let's learn more about it.

Newton and light

A lesson about Newton's studies on light and the telescope he constructed.

How fast are your reflexes?

The lesson introduces you to our innate and learnt reflexes.

The cabbage family

A lesson introducing various plants in the cabbage family

How does our heart beat?

This lesson presents the structure and functioning of the heart and how it can be protected.

Sound waves all around us • Part 2

In this lesson you will learn more about how sound propagates.

Why does your hair stand on end?

Let's perform experiments related to electric charge.

How do birds fly? Part 3

Learn about the migration and reproduction of birds.

How can hydropower be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising hydropower.

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