Mosses are land plants, but most of them prefer moist habitats.

Population pyramid

The population pyramid is a representation of the age and gender composition of a given country.

Proof of evolution on our body

We can find direct proof of Darwinian evolution in our environment or even on our own body.

The European Union

Learn about the history and economic operation of the European Union.


Maps are indispensable to planning outings and also to orientating en route and on site.

Republic of South Africa - A country of diversity

This video presents the diversity of the southernmost country in Africa.

The formation of fog

Fog is a type of cloud that forms close to the surface of the Earth. There are places on the planet that are shrouded in fog during most of the year.

The Story of the Suez Canal

The brief history of constructing the canal from the age of the pharaohs to the present days.

What is the resolution of the human eye?

Is the resolution of our eye comparable to that of today’s top quality films? What is the actual resolution of the human eye?

The Kon-Tiki expedition

The Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl first came in contact with the inhabitants and history of Oceania during his voluntary exile.

Yosemite National Park

Take a walk in the most popular national park in the US.

Grand Canyon

Explore the beauty of the famous national park in the USA.

Donating blood

Donating blood can save lives, since patients often need various blood products for their recovery.

Firsts in the history of the modern Olympic Games

There are plenty of exciting, interesting stories about the modern Olympic Games.

The magic square

Magic squares were known as far back as ancient times. Their special properties evoked fear in ordinary people. Many cultures even attributed magic powers...

How a mozaVideo is made

Watch this video to learn about the process of making a mozaVideo.

London, the oldest metropolis

A financial and trading capital with 12.5 million residents, 43 universities, 400 km of underground lines. This is what a true metropolis looks like.

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