mozaik3D animations

By providing unparalleled support for demonstrations, mozaik3D models open a new dimension in education.

Substances in tobacco smoke

Don’t smoke! This video demonstrates what happens in the lungs when a person smokes.

The rose-growing industry

This video presents the large-scale farming of rose bushes.


The circumference of the Earth has already been calculated in ancient Egypt. The calculations turned out to be rather accurate, considering the conditions...

Innovative Education Solutions

Solutions for interactive whiteboard, learning at home, school administration, printed materials.


More than 2000 maps, interactive atlases. Learn to use mozaMap which takes map reading to a whole different level.

Straw flute

Observe what happens when making sounds with shorter and shorter pieces of the same straw.

Better Together

Developing the mozaLearn education system

The golden ratio in painting

The golden ratio is a mathematical ratio that is commonly found in nature and arts.


Let’s create a small present from materials we find at home! It can also be decorated once it's finished.

Paper aeroplane

Let’s make a paper aeroplane! How far can you throw it?

The lesser black-backed gull

A gull species typically found on European beaches; it is easily recognisable by the distinctive sound it makes.

Blood donation

Donating blood can save lives, since patients often need various blood products for their recovery.

The slave trade

Why was the slave trade the most profitable undertaking of the 18th century?

The tree peony

This plant originating from East Asia was used in folk medicine as early as 2000 years ago. It is also a decorative plant of gardens.


It is the northernmost capital city in the world. In Icelandic its name stands for “bay of smoke” that probably originates from the nearby active geothermal...

The story of Moses

This is the story of the birth and deeds of the biblical prophet, Moses.

Cartesian diver

Objects denser than water sink in water.

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