Bauhaus architecture

Bauhaus architecture created simple yet unique buildings.

Making music with balls

Let's make music using various types of balls.

Making a Foucault pendulum

The Foucault pendulum is a device used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.

Plastic bottle rocket

In this experiment, we convert a plastic bottle into a rocket.

The history of the telephone

Let’s see some interesting facts from the history of the telephone.

Spider web

Let’s make a web for the spider we made. We only need sticks and some yarn.

Hot lakes

Geothermal eruptions sometimes form lakes. In certain lakes the temperature can reach 100 °C.


Basalt is the most common extrusive igneous rock, the colour of which ranges from grey to black.


A glacier is a huge mass of ice accumulating over the years from snow and moving under the pressure of its own weight slowly downwards from higher ground.


Tundra is a biome characteristic of the arctic and subarctic regions. Here, dwarf shrubs, mosses and lichens are the dominant vegetation.


Shipping is the most ancient way of transport. It is still significant today and is most popular mainly in the fields of cargo transport and tourism.


Flower farming is a discipline of horticulture concerned with the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens and for the flower trade.

Subarctic climate

Subarctic climate regions are very close to the Arctic. Population is very sparse here, and vegetation consists only of some lichens and a few other plants.

Cliff (Coastal abrasion)

Certain sections of coast are battered by extremely destructive waves. Let’s take a look at this process.

Plate tectonics

Since tectonic plates can move up to 2-10 cm a year, the landscape of tectonically active regions can change quite fast on a geological timescale.


Iceland is one of the least populated countries. However, few countries can compete with the richness of its natural heritage.

Modern northern church

Let’s take a short walk in Iceland’s biggest church called the Hallgrímskirkja.

Greenhouse cultivation of bananas

Banana production in Iceland is economical due to the fact that greenhouses are heated with cheap geothermal energy all year round.


Let’s watch a short video about hot water eruptions called geysers.

Volcanic hot springs

One spectacular result of volcanic activity at some hotspots is the eruption of water, steam and sulphur, discolouring the surrounding terrain, making it...

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