Earthquake model

This experiment models the formation of earthquakes.

How does the volume of a cylinder relate to the volume of a cone?

In this experiment we prove that the volume of a cylinder is three times the volume of a cone.

The rock cycle

Due to the effect of both exogenic and endogenic forces, rocks constantly change. This is called the rock cycle.

Beverage machine - Part 2

We can further develop the machine we presented in the previous video, so it can dispense multiple kinds of beverages.

Wind at the beach

Sea and land breeze form because of the differing warming of land and sea.

The effect of bile in fat dispersion

If bile contains no digestive enzymes, why does it play such an important role in digestion? How does it work?

The seahorse

The tiny predator of the oceans. Interestingly, the male seahorse carries the fertilized eggs in his pouch until they hatch.

Sprouting maize

Let’s have a quick look how a maize kernel sprouts. This video compacts almost 10 days into a few seconds.


Hyacinth is a popular flower in gardens and parks. Watch how this beautiful plant develops from its bulb.

The process of glass production

Glass items are an integral part of everyday life. But how are they made?

The Rosetta Stone

A stela inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BC. The decree appears in three scripts: Ancient Egyptian, Demotic and Ancient Greek.

Big Ben

The name Big Ben is often used to describe the tower, as well as the clock and the bell of the Palace of Westminster in London. The clock tower is a...

Dinosaur bones

The fossils found around the globe show that birds evolved during the Jurassic era from theropod dinosaurs.

Shakespeare's Globe

Let's take a walk in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Although the original had burnt to the ground, it was rebuilt in 1997, so that we, too, can enjoy the...

Greenwich Meridian

In1884, the International Meridian Conference determined the official prime meridian. This meridian passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

London calling

It was the most populous city in the world until 1925. Its economy is one of the most significant among the world's cities.

London Eye

The London Eye was officially opened in 2000. When built in 1999, it was the world’s tallest ferris wheel. It is one of the main tourist attractions of the...

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is renowned for the huge video displays and LED billboards on the walls of the corner building on the northern part of the square.

Tower Bridge

The unique features of this bridge are its neo-Gothic towers and the lower bridge that can be opened for ships to pass. By today it has become one of the...

Test tutorial

Let’s find out how to use the Test Editor tool.

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