Modelling protein digestion in the stomach

Let’s simulate protein digestion in the stomach using a mixture of hydrochloric acid and pepsin.

Afrika - The geological anatomy of a continent

A video on the geological formation and geographical divisions of Africa.


Mutualism is a relationship between individuals or populations of different species that is beneficial to both parties.

Paper aeroplane

Let’s make a paper aeroplane! How far can you throw it?

Steam turbine

A drink can, water and a Bunsen burner can be used to create a special steam turbine.

Testing spatial vision

For good spatial vision, we need information from both eyes at the same time.

Cartesian diver

Objects denser than water sink in water.

Making music with balls

Let's make music using various types of balls.

Making a Foucault pendulum

The Foucault pendulum is a device used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.

Plastic bottle rocket

In this experiment, we convert a plastic bottle into a rocket.

The history of the telephone

Let’s see some interesting facts from the history of the telephone.

Spider web

Let’s make a web for the spider we made. We only need sticks and some yarn.


Let’s create a small present from materials we find at home! It can also be decorated once it's finished.


It is easy to demonstrate how the heart works.

Paper puppets

Let’s make puppets using sticks, sheets of paper, scissors and coloured pencils!

Jumping frog

If folded properly, the frog will be able to jump with a skilful move.

Traffic signs

It is important to know the rules of the road both for pedestrians and bikers. Prepare some signs and practise their meaning!

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