The lily of the valley

A plant native to the temperate regions of Europe and Asia that lives mostly in oak forests.

The role of reinforcement in dog training

Dogs are teachable and obedient companions. They can therefore be trained for various purposes.

The tortoise and the hare

The boastful hare challenges the slow but clever tortoise. The result is a big surprise.

Testing spatial vision

For good spatial vision, we need information from both eyes at the same time.

Steam turbine

A drink can, water and a Bunsen burner can be used to create a special steam turbine.

Basic life support (BLS)

Emergencies can happen anywhere, so it is important to know how to provide basic life support care.

The poor man and the hare

A poor man is daydreaming about his chances for so long that he lets his good fortune slip away.

Jack learns his lesson

A little boy called Jack chose to rest instead of hoeing the garden with his father. But if you don’t work, you don’t eat either.

The thistle and the little bird

The little bird wants to be rocked by the thistle, but the thistle does not agree to it. The little bird keeps at it until he gets what he wants.

The little lame boy

The story of how schoolmates lent a helping hand to a poor, little lame boy.

The connection between the volume of a square pyramid and the volume of a prism

In this experiment we prove that the volume of the prism is three times the volume of the square pyramid.


This little animal has the annoying habit of raiding waste containers and scattering rubbish all over the place.

The old cobbler and the boy

A poor little boy went to the cobbler to have his shoes mended. In the end, the old man took pity on the child.

The magic chain

A spectacular optical illusion using a chain of closed rings.

Preparing a tissue sample from an onion

Examination of long, rectangular onion epidermal cells under the microscope at 100x magnification.

Measuring the height of a cathedral

We will measure the height of this large cathedral with a set square and some mathematics.

The fallow deer

It likes oak forests. It is easily recognisable by its chestnut coat with cream-coloured mottling.

A dog’s sense of smell

Unlike us humans, instead of using their eyesight, dogs mainly use their excellent sense of smell to recognise objects, people and animals.

Operant conditioning

Dogs are quite teachable animals; therefore, their so-called operant conditioning can easily be examined with an everyday object.

The East African Rift

The Great Rift Valley in East Africa was formed as a result of the movement of tectonic plates.

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