Under the starry sky

Photos taken by professional cameras at a slow shutter speed can reveal details invisible to the naked eye.

Night in motion

Look up to the sky on a clear night at the time of the New Moon and enjoy the spectacular view of myriad of stars.

Stars of the four seasons

As seasons change, we see different constellations in the night sky. The North Star is easy to identify in a picture taken with long exposure time, as it...

Ruins and castles at night

Spectacular views of beautiful castles at night.

Sceneries and the starry sky

Photographs taken at night with long exposure time may appear like they were taken during the day.


An interesting game that requires steady hands and patience!

Komodo dragon

The largest species of lizard that lives in isolation. Even a single bite of it can be fatal.


This plant with lovely flowers grows wild on greens, meadows and grazing fields.

Ancient karst

Ancient karst is an irregular limestone terrane, buried by younger sediments or sedimentary rocks.

Guelder rose

Its spherical flowers produced in corymbs are quite showy; it is a popular decorative plant, thriving in humid conditions.

Sea of stones

Sea of stone are covered with hardly any soil; the area is usually unsuitable for agricultural purposes. Stones that can be found here were once used as...

Nature reserve

Nature reserves are highly protected areas. Their regulation is less strict than those of national parks, but environmental protection is a must here, too.

Great egret

Long-legged, large white bird with a characteristic S-shaped neck, living in wetlands.


Meteora is one most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece.

Snow leopard

A fearsome predator of snowy mountains. Of all the felids the snow leopard jumps the furthest.


Magnolia is one of the most ancient plant species. Having evolved before bees appeared, its flowers developed to encourage pollination by beetles.


The striped horse of the savannahs that pedestrian crossings were named after.


Its nearly 600 species are mostly native to the Northern Hemisphere. Its timber is mainly used for carvings, household items, matches and paper.

European pond turtle

The European pond turtle can be found in swamp areas and on banks of shallow lakes.

Pond slider

A popular pet of children. They can be easily recognised by the red patches behind their eyes.

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