Paper birds

Let’s make paper birds! The more colour we use, the more beautiful our birds will look.

The jaguar

The jaguar, which catches its prey with one leap, is one of the most dangerous predators in South America.

The surface tension of water

Surface tension, a special property of water surface, and the spherical shape of water drops are due to the attraction between the water molecules.

Large hairy armadillo

One of the most widespread armadillo species in South America. It is an accomplished digger and spends most of its time below ground.

The patellar reflex

When the patellar tendon is lightly tapped, the extensor muscle stretches slightly.

Spectacled caiman

The spectacled caiman is a crocodilian reptile found in much of Central and South America. It is the most common of all crocodilian species.

Colour vision test

Red-green colour deficiency is a genetic condition.

Amoeba in motion

From a microscopic close-up you can inspect the movement of an amoeba with the use of its pseudopods.


In the 19th century it was the dominant mode of transport in Europe and North America. There are railway lines that cross entire continents.

Where all water disappears - The Desert

Deserts cover nearly one-seventh of the Earth's land surface.


Passive and active recreational activities are a great way of spending our free time. Active leisure activities help us stay healthy and gain new experiences.


The name of this plant of the Polygonaceae family means 'the root of Barbarians'. It originates from Asia; today it is widely cultivated as a vegetable.

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