The formation of the Andes

The Andes were formed by the collision of two tectonic plates, one oceanic and one continental.


It is the most common forest tree species in the continental climate zones. It grows slowly. Its timber is a popular raw material in the furniture industry.


Ants are truly social insects. Their social habits (building fantastic ant hills, migrating and territorial fights) show great resemblance to those of human...

Sweet pepper

A plant of American origin that can be eaten raw and cooked. It is also used as a condiment.


Since solar radiation is not evenly absorbed, the Earth's surface is heated differently. The resulting differences in atmospheric pressure cause the...


Lightning strikes somewhere on Earth every second. This extraordinary phenomenon is a spectacular sight, but at the same time it can be dangerous.

Lar gibbon

A monogamous species of lesser apes living on the trees.

Greater flamingo

The pink colour of this wading bird with an arcuate beak is caused by the pigment of the ingested prawns.


Bauhaus was a significant architectural style of the 20th century. Most buildings still stand today.

The basics of firefighting

Accidents involving fire can happen unexpectedly, therefore it is important to know what to do in case of a fire.

Maritime pine

A typical pine species of Mediterranean beaches and also the pine with the longest needles in Europe.

The legend of the golden apple

This video presents the myth of how the Trojan War began.


RO-LA or "Rollende Landstrasse" is a German term for an environment-friendly form of transport in which lorries are carried by train, thus avoiding traffic...


Waterfalls form mainly in the upper course of rivers, usually in rocky areas, due to vertical erosion.

The night sky

In this video you can admire the beauties of the night sky.


Norway is one of the countries of Scandinavia in northern Europe with a coastline laced with fjords. The capital city is Oslo.


Spring is one of the seasons of the temperate climate zone. Nature comes to life, flowers start blooming and the woods and meadows turn green again.


Winter is one of the seasons of the temperate climate zone. Days are the shortest and the weather is the coldest in winter.

Common hackberry

A tree that tolerates urban conditions well. Excellent quality whip handles used to be made from its branches.


Fields are open lands, planted with crops or pasture.

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