One of the four temperate seasons with truly picturesque landscapes.


The long, narrow sea inlets created by glacial erosion are called fjords. Most fjords can be found along the coasts of Norway and Iceland.


Rain falls when water vapour high in the atmosphere precipitates and the forming droplets fall to the ground.


The tradition of vineyards has a long history. Sunlight, suitably sloping hillsides as well as expertise all contribute to producing excellent quality wine.


Since the advent of air travel, huge distances can be covered fast; today any part of the world can be reached within 24 hours.

Narrow-gauge railway

Narrow-gauge railways can be great fun on an excursion. As they chug along, they provide a great opportunity for us to admire the scenery.


The most popular means of personal transport today is the bicycle. It is among the fastest and most environmentally friendly ways of transport.


This popular vegetable is an excellent ingredients of salads. It is also used in beauty industry for its skin-regenerating effect.


Donkeys are domesticated members of the horse family; they are smaller and less common than horses. In most places they are kept as pack animals.


These birds, common along coasts, can be easily recognised by their voice.


One of our most popular vegetables and an excellent source of vitamin A, essential for good eyesight.


Tomato belongs in the nightshade family and is native to South and Central America. Tomatoes can be preserved or consumed raw.

Baroque architecture

Baroque is a style in art developed in Europe from the early 17th to mid-18th century. Among its characteristics are complex patterns, richly ornamented...

Asian elephant

This species of the family Elephantidae is the second strongest and biggest terrestrial mammal living on Earth today.

Murano glass

This town, situated on seven islands, is world-renowned first and foremost for its glass manufacturing. Glassmaking has always taken place on the islands of...


People have been making conscious efforts to defend themselves against floods since the 18th century, but sometimes the force of the water can overwhelm...


Small towns do not get overcrowded like big cities, but they provide a wider range of services than villages.

The camel

Why do camels have humps? Where do these extremely hardy animals live? Learn the answers from this video.


In this video you can learn about the two-humped camel that lives in the mountainous, desert areas of Asia. They can survive without water for as long as...

Grey wolf

The domestication of the wolf began more than 10000 years ago. After humans, it is the most widespread mammal.

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