The mangalitsa, a Hungarian breed of domestic pig, has a woolly coat similar to that of sheep.

African elephant

This species of the family Elephantidae is the strongest and biggest terrestrial mammal living on the Earth today.

Bridge expansion joint

The difference between winter and summer temperatures can cause bridges to contract or expand as much as 20 cm, which is called thermal expansion. To solve...


Pelicans are highly protected birds. They can be easily recognised by their enormous pouched bill.

Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse

We can observe quite interesting astronomical phenomena when the Earth, the Sun and the Moon align.


Rocks are a composed of minerals. These minerals can often be found in their pure forms.

Paper hat

Let’s make a funny hat quickly and easily! All we need is a piece of paper.


Ever since the 20th century, time is often considered the 4th dimension. In this video we speed up time with different clock types.

Flood control

Flooding rivers can cause numerous environmental issues. Let's see how we can protect ourselves from floods.

Atmospheric phenomena

According to our present knowledge, an atmosphere with a composition that can support life only exist on Earth. Sometimes it forms extraordinary shapes.

Resonance straw

Find out how to move the straws without touching them, using the phenomenon of resonance.

Mysterious hexagons

This video is yet another proof that nature can create a surprisingly diverse range of shapes and forms.

Smart putty

We can witness a surprising 'performance' thanks to the special abilities of elastomers.

Greenfield and brownfield projects

A new property can be built on a completely empty area or an old building can be renovated.

The Sun

Life on Earth would be impossible without the light and heat of the Sun.

Fading raspberry juice

We are testing surface binding abilities by adsorbing raspberry juice on active carbon of large specific surface area.

Mediterranean climate

Mediterranean climate, typical of the Mediterranean Basin, is a particular variety of subtropical climate.

Fallow deer

Its favourite habitat is oak forests. It can be easily recognised by its chestnut coat with cream coloured mottles.

Common crane

These birds are native to the woods, steppes and waters of Eurasia, from where they migrate to northern Africa and to the southern parts of Asia for winter.

A 10th century village in the Carpathian Basin

This video shows a typical 10th century Central European village.

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