Zither is a plucked string instrument. Its variations are common in Scandinavia and the Far East.


A popular decorative plant grown to cover porches and climb up walls of buildings.

The Daniell cell

We can generate electricity with the help of a salt bridge and by immersing a zinc electrode in zinc sulphate solution and a copper electrode in copper...

The Third Reich

The circumstances of the Nazi Party’s gaining and securing power in Germany.


The striped horse of the savannahs that pedestrian crossings were named after.

Coal formation

This video presents the different stages of coal formation.

Mountain climate zones

The decisive factor that determines the climate zones of mountains is the altitude above sea level.

Waste management

Have you ever given any thought to what exactly happens to the waste you throw in the bin?

The lar gibbon

A monogamous species of ape living on the trees.

The quince

A plant originating from the Caucasus region, grown for its aromatic fruit.

The green iguana

A film about the green iguana, the popular inhabitant of exotic terrariums.

Putting a candle out with carbon dioxide

In this experiment we produce carbon dioxide with vinegar and baking powder.

The Alps

The Alps are the highest mountain range in Europe. Their highest peak is the Mont Blanc with its height of 4810 m.


Northern countries are leaders in logging. Sweden and Finland for example not only produce, but also process timber.


With its length of 2850 km the Danube is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. It flows through ten countries and four capital cities.

Another war approaches

This video presents the events preceding World War II and the Nazi expansion.

Humans and nature

This video shows how humans and nature can coexist in perfect harmony with a little care and attention.

The european pond turtle

The European pond turtle can be found in swamp areas and on banks of shallow lakes.

The Genus salix

The structure, use and medicinal properties of trees living by water.

Finnish landscape

Nearly the entire area of Finland is situated on the Baltic Shield in Northern Europe, where thousands of lakes were formed during the Ice Age.

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