Fog is a shallow layer of cloud close to ground level. When it descends, visibility drops drastically and road traffic may come to a standstill.

Igneous rocks

Igneous rocks, like andesite and basalt, are formed when erupting lava solidifies on the surface. Due to erosion over millions of years signs of past...

Long-tailed mayfly

Mayflies or shadflies are insects whose larval stage usually lasts 1-3 years, which they spend in freshwater.


Pollination is the start of the fertilization process of plants.

The Annual rings of trees

Tree's annual rings tell a great deal about their history. They help to determine their age, and preserve signs of air pollution, acid rain or even landslides.


This species is an excellent example for symbiosis. Living together with sea anemones they keep predators away.


Its population hardly reaches 2 million, its capital is Ljubljana. The landscape of the country is dominated by karstic landforms. It also has a 40 km long...

Miracle at the Arctic Circle

There is a country in Northern Europe often called the land of the thousand lakes. This is where Santa lives. This is Finland.

Frog violin

Is a matchbox able to imitate the croak of frogs? With the following experiment we reveal the secret in the acoustics of musical instruments.


Chamomile is one of the best known and most widely used herbs we have. Its infusion not only cleanses the respiratory tracts but also contains...

Socialist realism

The so-called socialist realist art had its peak in the 1950s. This video discusses what this term means.

Fire under the ash

Catalysts can facilitate or support the process of reactions that otherwise would not occur.

The diversity of forests

Natural forests are probably the most beautiful and diverse woods on the planet. The most common trees are oak, pine and beech.

The rapeseed

It is a crop with high yield that is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. Let’s take a look at what field the rapeseed is utilized in.

The wild boar

A common inhabitant of forests; it is the ancestor of the domesticated pig.

The ten-headed dragon who got bamboozled

The dragon wants to eat the bull but when people join forces the dragon is outwitted.

The little pig and the wolves

The wolf wants to eat the little pig. But the pig does not give in and teaches the wolf a lesson.

Beating heart of mercury

The drop of mercury starts to move rhythmically due to the rhythmic changes in the surface charge density and surface tension.

Weighing the Pythagorean theorem

In this experiment we provide proof of the well-known theorem of Pythagoras with a scale.


Dragonflies are aquatic in their larval stage. They are predator insects, easily recognisable by their two pairs of transparent wings.

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