Birds are warm-blooded animals that lay hard-shelled eggs. The eggshell is made mostly of calcium carbonate.

Mammoth bones

As humans began to conquer all the dry lands, the population of mammoths dropped drastically. They became extinct by the beginning of the Holocene.


The most significant city of the ancient world was Rome. During the era of the Roman Empire, the city already had a population of at least 1 million.

European Parliament

The institutions of the European Union are located in different cities. Let’s take a look inside the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


Mirages can be seen on hot summer days. This phenomenon is caused by the air warming up close to the surface.


Shadows are formed when an object blocks the path of light. Shadows on the Earth's surface are not completely dark, because the rays of light are scattered.

Sprouting radish

Let’s see how one of our favourite vegetables, the radish develops from seeds.

Growing wheat

Wheat is one of the fastest growing cereals. Let’s see how it develops.

Human settlements

People live in different types of settlements. As the population grows, the range of services available for the residents widens as well.

Urban renewal

Unused, old factory buildings are often revitalised by leaving their original structure but giving them completely new functions.


Villages are settlements with a small population, usually situated near towns. Their economic activity is less bustling compared to that of towns.

The history of domestication

In this video we present why some of the well-known animal species were domesticated.


Ships were the first means of transport in history. Even today the transportation of goods is done mainly by ships.

The llama

A typical animal of the Andes kept as a beast of burden as well as for its meat and wool.

The Paris peace treaties

This video presents the events of the peace conference in Versailles after the end of World War I.

Plitvice lakes

Croatia’s stunning system of lakes is included on the list of World Heritage Cultural Sites.

Snow line

Above a certain altitude snow does not melt, not even in summer.

Model volcano

The reaction of baking soda and vinegar tinted with red food colouring resembles a volcanic reaction.

The process of physical and chemical weathering

Upon physical weathering the rock only falls into pieces, whereas during chemical weathering its chemical structure changes too.

The lion

King of the savannahs, the lion is at top of its food chain. Its only enemy is man.

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