Bird food

Birds find food harder during winter but we can help them. If we do it right, we can even attract them into our garden.


Tourism is a significant sector of the economy that grows continuously all around the world.

Mouse ears

A simple and quick costume for carnival is a pair of mouse ears made of paper.

Ball game

Curious skill toy which can be made easily. How good is your aim in this game?

Flower indicator

Purple and wine red flowers can be used as pH indicators.

Moving drawings

We create a mobile periscope for a yellow submarine we drew.

Finger puppets

Let's make finger puppets! Punch two holes in the bottom and put two fingers through them. The puppets can even walk on two legs.

Solar radiation

The Sun's rays travel through space without interruption, but once they reach the Earth's atmosphere, it can encounter multiple obstacles.

The United Nations

The largest international organization of the world; it includes every country of the Earth. Its main objective is to keep peace.

A non-flammable tissue

Go behind the scenes of gastronomy and film tricks: objects in flames do not always burn, do they?

Balloon on a skewer

Learn how to pierce a balloon without popping it.

The clever karate master

Can we break a stick with the weight of only a few sheets of paper?

The indian lotus

In the ancient Eastern religions it is the symbol of rebirth. Besides its aesthetically pleasing appearance, all of its parts are edible.

The infrared eye

Is an everyday video camera able to detect frequencies invisible to the human eye?

Boiling at room temperature

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. But is it possible to boil water at room temperature?

Grass snake

A species of snake widespread in Europe and Asia.

Fehling's test

If we add formaldehyde to the Fehling’s reagent, copper metal can form with a bit of luck.

The silver mirror test

If we add formaldehyde to the Tollen’s reagent and heat it, the silver ions reduce to elemental silver.

Mediterranean climate

It is characterised by dry, hot summers and mild winters.

The American bison

The closest relative of cattle that has become almost extinct. They used to live in the prairies, today they can only be found in several national parks.

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