World War One unfolds

Prolonged war is a great burden both for military personnel and civilians.


One of the most visited regions of Romania renowned for its numerous medieval buildings, church buildings, monuments and natural beauties.

Stave church

There are a number of Viking stave churches in Norway that were once erected in honour of Viking gods.


It is a popular form of urban travel. The first trams were built in the 19th century to satisfy the increasing demand for public transport.


Find out the difference between the two species of this magnificent animal: the African and Asian elephants.


In rock-paper-scissors, the least popular choice of players is paper. But is it really the weakest of the three?

Traditional riders

The tradition of horse riding has a very long history. Even today riders often put on authentic costumes.


These unique works of art are renowned and sought-after worldwide. It is not unusual to spend 5000 hours working on a single tablecloth.

An experiment with crushing results

How can a tin can be crushed without manual force? All you need is some water and heat.

Liquid magnifier

Make a magnifying glass using a jar, some cling foil and a few drops of water.

Re-lighting a candle

Can a candle be re-lit if the flame of the match does not even touch it?

The terrestrial planets

The terrestrial planets in our Solar System are the four planets closest to the Sun. They are made up of rocks and metals and have hard surfaces.


A lake is a body of still water surrounded by land. The majority of lakes contain freshwater. On a geological scale their lifespan is relatively short.


After the first oil crisis in 1973, trolleybuses gained popularity in urban transport systems since their operation does not depend on the price of crude oil.

The art of camouflage

During evolution numerous creatures learnt to adapt to their environment, for example by camouflage.

Water cycle

Water on the surface of the Earth is almost never completely still. Its place and state changes constantly. Let’s watch this cycle.

String saw

In this experiment we prove that it is possible to cut a bottle with just a string.

Wind energy

Wind is one of the most important renewable energy source of our time.


A bicycle light can be used with not only batteries, but it can be operated with our own muscle power as well. Let's see exactly how it works.


Camping is a perfect outdoor recreational activity. A popular form of camping is wild camping, however, this is illegal in some countries.

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