The gorilla

The largest of the great apes. During evolution humans diverged from gorillas around 6 million years ago.


Tourism has been gaining popularity since the 19th century. Among the most popular destinations are Paris, Rome and United States.

The unforeseen consequences of mining

Mining is an important sector of the economy but it can cause irreversible damage to the environment.


Pines are conifer trees characteristic of the taiga. The timber of pine trees is a popular raw material in the furniture industry.

Fruit batteries

Electric current of small voltage can be created by using fruit, similarly to the Daniell cell.

Scandinavian lakes

The lakes of Scandinavia were formed during the Ice Age by glacial erosion.

Industrial city

The quality of life in industrial cities is often poor, and air pollution is high. Establishing industrial parks could provide the solution to these problems.

Labour camp barracks

Several labour camps were established in the communist Eastern Bloc, the existence of which was kept secret for decades.

The Hamadryas baboon

A species of monkeys with complex social structure where hierarchical system can be clearly observed.

The Soviet Union during the Stalin era

The establishment of Stalin’s dictatorial regime and its consequences.

The common clownfish

This species is an excellent example for symbiosis. Living together with sea anemones they keep predators away.


Metro is an indispensable way of public transport in a metropolis. It is the fastest way to reach one’s destination within the city.


Buttes keep the evidence of previous volcanic activities. Their material is mainly of basalt. Their shape can often be coffin-like, or flat on top with a...

The snow line

The climatic snow line is the point above which snow and ice cover the ground throughout the year. The actual snow line may seasonally be significantly lower.

Northern landscape

This video is about the taiga stretching throughout the northern regions, characterised by coniferous forests, cool climate and sparse population.

The side-effects of mining

Mining is a crucially important industry, but its long-term consequences, for example the destruction of the landscape, are often ignored.

Lignite mining

Lignite is a sedimentary rock that still shows traces of plant structure. It is a coal with lower heating value.


During the course of history, bridges were points of strategic importance. Today they have a significant role in infrastructure.

Archeologists' work

History is not always based on bare facts, sometimes serious research needs to be done to explore our past. People who do that are called archaeologists,...

Czech cities

Let's visit Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and learn about its sights and the world famous Czech beer.

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