The horizon

Imagine a flat plain with no natural landmarks. How far can we see? Where is the furthest visible point? Let's calculate it!

Alcohol oxidation (observation)

Examining the colour of a piece of copper when exposed to heat and then ethanol vapour.

Mixing substances, separating mixtures 1 (observation)

The method of separation of substances in a mixture depends on their different properties.


A gradual outflow of residents from the centre of the city towards the surrounding areas.

The Alps (trailer)

Our new videos about the Alps are already available.

The pine family

Members of pine family compromise 30% of the world's forests. Although globally widespread, they prefer regions with cool and rainy climates.

The twilight of industrial cities

There are various plans for eliminating brownfield sites in cities, but there are negative examples of the process as well.

The Ancient Olympic Games

Learn more about the origins of the ancient Olympic Games and its revival in modern times.

The Dolomites

These astonishingly spectacular rock towers and breathtaking panoramas make the Dolomites unique among all the mountain ranges in Europe.

How does a mathematician catch a lion in the Sahara?

By using the bisection method, we can find the roots of any real continuous function that has positive and negative function values.


This video presents the causes, characteristics and types of winds.

The soil

Soil is the loose, uppermost, fertile layer of the Earth’s crust.

Milford Sound

Deep within Fiordland National Park lies New Zealand’s most stunning natural attraction: Milford Sound

How is honey made?

Honey is a type of food produced by bees that people have been consuming for thousands of years.


Villages are localities with relatively small populations and only local administrative powers.

The apple tree

The apple is the best-known fruit and indeed one of the most popular fruits in the world.

Women in the Middle Ages

Medieval women contributed to all aspects of families’ livelihood, in addition to doing the lion’s share of domestic chores.

The formation of precipitation

There is water vapour in the air all the time. If the air becomes saturated with it, precipitation occurs.

The effect of concentration on chemical equilibrium

Examining the colour of cobalt(II) chloride in water and hydrochloric acid.

Life on the African Savannah

The savanna is an open landscape of grasslands found in tropical Africa. It is home to an amazing variety of wildlife.

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